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THURGOOD MARSHALL | Today in History - October 2, 1967: Chief Justice Earl Warren swears in Thurgood Marshall, the first black justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. || Thurgood Marshall (July 2, 1908 - January 24, 1993) was an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, serving from October 1967 until October 1991.

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Jack and Jackie's last Presidential reception - on November 20, 1963 - for the federal judiciary. The members of the U.S. Supreme Court were in attendance. The Kennedys pose with Chief Justice Earl Warren and his wife.

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Jack Ruby arrested. In June 1964, Earl Warren and Gerald Ford personally interviewed him in Dallas County Jail. Ruby pleaded with them to take him to Washington: "I want to tell the truth and I can't tell it here... My life is in danger... My whole family is in jeopardy." They refused his request.

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ohn Earl Warren, Jr. (November 16, 1946 – January 14, 1969) was a United States Army officer and a recipient of America's highest military decoration — the Medal of Honor — for his actions in the Vietnam War. Warren joined the Army from New York City in 1967.

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The inaugural luncheon for the new president. Between Jackie Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson sits Chief Justice Earl Warren. Bess Truman is second from right and President Kennedy is at the far left.

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The Doors with Lavender Hill Mob/Joint Effort/Captain Speed, Saturday 5 August 1967 - Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, California.

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Osprey in North Florida | Earl J Warren Jr Archives

July 9 –d. Earl Warren, Governor of California and Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court (b. 1891)

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Jack Ignatius Dragna[1] (April 18, 1891 – February 23, 1956) was an American Mafia member and Black Hander who was active in both Italy and the United States in the 20th century. He was active in bootlegging in California during the Prohibition Era in the United States. In 1931, he succeeded Joseph Ardizzone as the boss of the Los Angeles crime family after Ardizzone's mysterious disappearance and death in 1931. Both James Ragen and Earl Warren dubbed Dragna the "Capone of Los Angeles"…

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