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Elements of Early Christian and Byzantine Architecture


"This is an early Christian icon of the Madonna and Child, one of only eight that survived eighth-century iconoclasm. Seeing this newly discovered Madonna at the Temple Gallery in London led me to my love of icons. I had been afraid of them art-historically speaking, because they are so difficult to fit into a historical pattern. But this little icon showed me what they meant and how they transcend art history: they come from a different place and draw us to a different place." ~ Sister…


San Vitale: one of the most important examples of early Christian Byzantine art and architecture in Western Europe. Ravenna, Italy


An Original Depiction of Jesus, ca 100-400 A.D., Roman catacombs. The Christian catacombs are extremely important for the history of Early Christian art, as they contain the great majority of examples from before about 300AD, in fresco and sculpture, as well as gold glass medallions.

EARLY CHRISTIAN STAMP SEAL WITH A FISH, c. 4th-6th century AD. Hard fired clay with remains of handle on rv. 3.25 inches diameter. Rare


The clothes of the Byzantine became a luxurious, rigid dress, which covered the body and veiled it’s forms. The ruling layer of the society liked silk materials and brocade, which were richly embroidered with precious metals and pearls.

40 maps that explain the Roman Empire

Map that shows the spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire (40 maps that explain the Roman Empire - Vox)


Fahan Mura Cross The 7th century Celtic interlace cross from the Fahan churchyard in County Donegal, Ireland, is thought to be one of the earliest versions of the famous Celtic sun cross designs in Ireland. On the opposite side of the cross is the only Greek inscription found from early Christian Ireland reading "Glory and honour to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit". A monastery was founded here by St. Colmcille in the 7th century which survived for 500 years.


Ever wonder why the fish is often a symbol for Christianity? The New Testament was written in Greek. In Greek, the word for fish is "ichthus." This can be turned into an anagram that outlines the basic Christian beliefs.