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Amy Hitchings

It is possible to survive cold and flu season without getting sick!! I used to catch every bug and would be so sick for months every winter, now that I'm using Young Living Essential Oils and supplements I'm much healthier!


Symptom Checker To use the Symptom Checker, choose the symptoms that you are experiencing from the list to the right. After you've checked out the symptoms then click the Next button


Lyme disease can cause virtually any symptom in the world. Early Lyme tends to cause non-specific flu-like symptoms & a rash. Then it tends to cause joint pains (esp. knee pain) & fatigue. It often causes problems with memory & concentration & a variety of neurological symptoms. As it progresses it may be misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis etc.


Catch it early. Fever, cough and fatigue could all be signs that the flu is on its way. See your doctor if you think you may have the flu and learn more about the symptoms here. (Source: CDC)


I woke up to some early flu symptoms so I made my super spicy carrot & ginger soup and I'm counting on it to save me by tomorrow morning #december #winter #cozy #goodvibes #selfcare

I had almost all these things on the list and my doctor still didn't made the connection... I was in a coma by the time the disease was diagnosed and at a higher risk of death because of that! Know the signs people, type 1 diabetes!


Please, Please Get a Flu Shot Want to know why getting a flu shot is so important? I ignored my early flu symptoms, which ended up spoiling the holidays and leading to an exacerbation.

Is it the FLU? SYMPTOMS CHEAT SHEET The Center for Disease Control is concerned that the early onset may mean a rough flu season in 2013. Know your symptoms!