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This picture has always been so cute to me. Sometimes I wish I hadn't been on hospital bed rest and delivered 6 wks early so I could've dressed up and enjoyed the stage of life


DIY maternity clothes. Big problem (easy fix if you know what youre doing) though: maternity clothes look bad and homemade if the front and back hemlines are not the same length, especially skirts. If tops are longer in the front than back, people just assume theres room for you to get bigger, but when theyre short in front, its obvious that youre trying to wear a non-maternity shirt.


Getting dressed during pregnancy can be intimidating and often uncomfortable. As your body changes, it seems easier to opt for sweat pants than slacks. However, you don't have to compromise your style if you choose pieces that are both flattering and comfortable. Try some of these ideas for your first trimester! Read more :