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Autism: what to know and signs to watch for

Autism: What to Know and Signs to Watch For, Early Signs of Autism, Parenting Children with Special Needs, Amazing Series, Parenting Tips, Free Printables

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As with almost any neurological or mental health disorder, the symptoms or signs of autism may appear in neuro-typically developing children to some degree. When the symptom becomes more severe, more frequent, and/or more problematic for the child’s...

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Early Signs of Autism in Children Good visual - but I don't agree with the risk factors

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Do you know the "red-flag" signs of #autism in a child? Early detection is so important.

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(Description by Margalit) I would say that many of these can also be symptoms of an anxiety disorder in girls. This sounds almost exactly like me at points in elementary school when my anxiety was high for a long period of time.

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How to Recognize Signs of Autism in Toddlers

Early intervention is key when it comes to treating autism in children. Here's how to recognize some signs of autism in toddlers.

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