Photograph of faulted sedimentary rock layers exposed in a roadcut in Guatemala

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Lots of ideas for making an earthquake model in school, either for a science project, or to help with the study of the geography topic of earthquakes.

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Helium is LEAKING from massive earthquake fault in LA Planet X earth effects End times #earthquake

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THE COMING QUAKE: It's called the NEW MADRID fault line, and it is 6 times larger than the San Andreas fault in California, and covers 7 states. In 1811, an earthquake so powerful occurred there that people still talk about it today. They say the one that's coming next could split the United States in half. #NewMadrid #Earthquakes #Prophecy

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A geologic cross section of the Los Angeles Basin from the southwest to northeast. This profile intersects the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone at Long Beach

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