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Nun who survived Italy earthquake wonders why God saved her and not others #Italy #italyearthquake #earthquakes #nun #christianity

Fukushima decommissioning slip-up could trigger monumental chain reaction, expert warns...OCT 31, 2013

Dr Zubin Medora: Medical Director of Medora Centre in Singapore


ALERT NEWS Today Yellowstone Super volcano Caldera Earthquake Swarms Con...

RW - Norman not only loves books but also loves newspapers. He convinced Claire to build him an enormous set of mailboxes so that all his subscriptions could be organized, and frankly it scares away all the neighbors.


Oklahoma's Latest Earthquake Not Natural -

ALERT NEWS TODAY Earthquakes, Weatherr , Ringed Asteroids, UK Flood - YouTube

May 2012- Citing no evidence to support the idea of cocooning—protecting babies from diseases by vaccinating adults, Australia has ended funding for free parent whooping cough vaccines.

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