Prayers and thoughts for those affected by the #Christchurch #Earthquake today. Hope everyone is safe. Photo taken at ChristChurch Botanical Gardens with #Panasonic #DMC #TZ60, no filter no edit. #NZ #newzealand #Kiwi #thisisnz #KiwiExperience2015 #SouthIsland #christchurch #historicalsite #noedit #nofilter #PeacockFountain #christchurchearthquake #travel #panasonicdmctz60 #earlyspring #september2015

THE POLAR SHIFT 're: Earthquakes. Today at 3-4PM PST, will post link when ready. Prepare for the big one. Earthquake awareness, That what's on my mind. Keep hearing pops in the Windows and walls. California, a couple of days ago had 4 systematic quakes that followed one after the other. Many said it was cracking from oil drills, but geologists from USGS stated.different, those specialists agreed, and confirmed, they were quakes. For a long time now, I have been hearing the walls creak and…

Earthquake today in Taiwan 2016 news update [Photo]: Twitter pics reveal severely damaged buildings after 6.4 quake | Christian News on Christian Today

TIL in 1962 two American geologists found that a large rock face above a Peruvian town could collapse during an earthquake. The Peruvian government ordered the two to retract their work or face prison. Eight years later an earthquake collapsed the rock face killing 20000 of the town's residents.

Dallas Earthquake Today: Magnitude 3.1 Quake Shakes Texas City, Third US Earthquake In 24 Hours

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