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Lake Natron in Tanzania is known for its deep red hue. The lake is part of the East African Rift Valley, and gets its color from the algae that live on salt in the water from nearby volcanoes.

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The East African Rift Valley, a divergent boundary

Afar Triple Junction: location of the triangle (shaded area in the center of the map) & the local fault lines


Lake Malawi (Lake Nyasa, or Lago Niassa in Mozambique), is an African Great Lake and the southernmost lake in the East African Rift system, located between Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. The third largest and second deepest lake in Africa, it is also the ninth largest in the world.

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Oldest evidence of split between Old World monkeys and apes: Primate fossils are 25 million years old

Oldest Evidence of Split Between Old World Monkeys and Apes: Primate Fossils Are 25 Million Years Old; May 15, 2013 — Two fossil discoveries from the East African Rift reveal new information about the evolution of primates, according to a study published online in Nature this week led by Ohio University scientists.


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Paleoanthropologist Rick Potts is the director of the Smithsonian’s Human Origins Program at the National Museum of Natural History. He leads excavations at several early human sites in the East African Rift Valley, including the famous handaxe site of Olorgesailie, Kenya, and also co-directs ongoing projects in southern and northern China.