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Can you name the countries of the (arguable) Middle East? Quiz by hkw5 - Sporcle Games & Trivia _ CIRCLE TIME GAME


Tp. Hồ Chí Minh

I have always wanted to visit one of these beautiful, amazing rice patties. VietNam rice terraces By Tan Tannobi


Laos travel itinerary

A Laos travel guide through Photography. From Touristy Luang Prabang down to the less discovered south of this magical South East Asian country


East Asians Tested Eyelid Shaping Products And Didn't Recognize Themselves

In East Asian countries, eyelid-lifting products that allow eyes to appear larger are very popular. We decided to try a few of them out. | East Asians Tested Eyelid Shaping Products...And Didn't Recognize Themselves

In the past decades, many South East Asian countries have witnessed a phenomenal economic growth. As a result of this growth, a new generation of affluent middle-classers has emerged. This rising middle-class is well aware of the importance of top quality education and wants to ensure that their children receive their education from the best schools and colleges available in the country or region.

Travel Sections - Figure out where you want to go in the World. Link cities up as you plan your trips. Ex: Travels to Asian countries can easily scoot down to Australia and over to South Africa. You could also reverse this example.


These Maps Show Every Country’s Most Valuable Exports


Capsa Games were first introduced in China around 1980 but they are no longer limited to China. Capsa games have gained popularity in several other parts of the world, especially the South-East Asian countries. For More Information about capsa susun, please check

Hetalia - East Asian countries. Artist unknown. If you are the artist or know the artist please let me know so I can credit properly or take this art down from my board if you wish.