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Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) - Coral Reef … | Flickr

Metal Magnet Eastern Gray Squirrel With Walnut Travel London England Magnet X

Metal Refrigerator Magnet Eastern Gray Squirrel Crawling Down Tree Squirrels

White Squirrel eating an acorn in Ochlocknee State Park Florida. These little guys are color variations of the eastern gray squirrel not albinos they just have white fur instead of gray. Each one also has a slightly different dark patch on their head and some also had a back stripe like this one. No matter the pattern they were pretty much all ridiculously cute and fun to photograph! The Gear: #TamronUSA 150-600mm / Canon 5d Mk III #hahnnaturephotography #outdoorphotoworkshops…

Gray White and Black Long Coat 4 Legged Animal