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Eating Disorder Recovery: Rebuilding Your Identity | Developing an identity outside of your eating disorder is a challenging part of eating disorder recovery. Helpful tips to accomplish that.


When Your Eating Disorder Wears A Costume | Symptom switching in eating disorder recovery is giving up one eating disorder behavior only to replace it with another. Learn more about symptom switching.


Using Phone Apps In Your Eating Disorder Recovery | Smartphones offer a lot of apps to help those in recovery from an eating disorder. Not using apps in your eating disorder recovery now? Here are some to try.


Eating Disorder Recovery: Back to Basics | Recovery from an eating disorder is tough. It’s especially tough at the beginning – those first few months when you’re trying so desperately to replace your old behaviors with new, healthier ones.

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57 Ways People With Eating Disorders Got Well

No two recoveries are exactly alike, but these are some of the things that have helped real people in their struggles with an eating disorder.


Identity: Who Am I Without My Eating Disorder? | Eating disorder blogger discusses the issue of identity in eating disorders and how finding your true self is vital in eating disorder recovery.


Eating Disorder Anniversaries | Surviving Eating Disorders Blog discusses anniversaries in eating disorder recovery where urges to use behaviors may be higher - and this means you are healing.