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Eclectic Stockpots

Unfitted Kitchen Storage Ideas

soft colors.. fabric under sink.. Love this cozy "nest" like kitchen.. especially the cubby hole storage!


Personality, not Perfection, in Amsterdam

What a great idea to "bind" cushions together to create a banquette. It's especially nice in neon.


I just bought this Pampered Chef Executive Cookware and I love it. Lifetime Guarantee means never buy cookware again.


5 Brilliant Ways to Store Your Pots & Pans — Kitchen Organization

Stockpots, sauce pans, skillets, and Dutch ovens—they are absolute essentials in the kitchen, but they can be such a pain to store. Even if you buy a complete set from one company in one style, they still don't fit together for easy storage. With that in mind, these five storage solutions make even those oddly shaped pans easy to store.


Stock your kitchen with the most stylish—and practical—pots and pans

Copper is handsome and heats quickly and evenly. But it’s like a top-of-the-line sports car: luxurious, costly, sometimes hard to handle, and high maintenance. Frequent polishing is required to keep it looking good, and regular use will eventually cause the tin lining (which protects against acidic foods) to wear through, leaving you susceptible to copper poisoning. To avoid that, the worn pan will have to be re-tinned by a craftsman.Ruffoni Artichoke-Handled stockpots, hand-hammered copper…


10-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set in Orange by Rachael Ray

6-piece cast iron cookware set Product: Stockpot, casserole and wokConstruction Material: Cast iron...