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Eclectic Sundials

Armillary sundials are a splendid way of bringing spheres into both traditional and contemporary gardens.

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Jewelry: rings and bracelets. I like it all except the random feather. That could get annoying.

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Air Plant Terrarium Kit, SUNDIAL SEASHELL, Hanging or Sitting Beach Terrarium

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Brushed antique gold sundial adds regal, eclectic style to landscaping as a decorative yet functional piece

David Harber-stainless steel armillary mounted on stainless steel round plinth, surrounded by boxwood

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One of the world’s largest sundials anchors a colorful and eclectic desert garden in Carefree. This time-telling sculpture measures 90 feet in diameter and points to the North Star. The metal gnomon (which casts the shadow on the sundial) stands 35 feet and stretches 62 feet.

Brass Huge Compass Sundial and Beatles Necklace by Pinar Mavituna eclectic