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Antique Haviland Limoges H&co/L Tureen ~Gorgeous Pink and White Covered Serving Dish with Gold Trim ~ 1875-1882 Eclectic Cabinet China by EclecticJewells on Etsy

12 Best Indoor Plants: 1. Ferns 2. Ficus tree 3. Fiddle-leaf ficus trees in a seagrass log basket 4. Geraniums in a large tureen at the end of the sofa 5. Ivy 6. Jade plants 7. Ming trees 8. Orchids 9. Philodendron 10. Snake plants (mothers-in-law tongues) 11. Succulents 12. Topiaries

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Dairy-Free Pasta Alfredo Soup has all the flavors of the famous pasta dish but it is completely dairy-free. Fast, easy and memorable. @lovemysilk #DoPlants

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Whether your tastes run to traditional or contemporary, serving from this antique 1890's Soup Tureen & Lid adds a wonderful eclectic look to your entertaining. Marx Gutherz Carlsbad Porcelain White Floral EX

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