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Ecological Succession: Nature's Great Grit. Discover a process that truly demonstrates nature's grit: ecological succession! The Amoeba Sisters introduce both primary and secondary succession. This is the second video in the Ecology mini-series.

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Ecological Succession WebQuest Virtual Interactive Lesson

FUN! NO-PREP! KEEPS STUDENTS LEARNING AND ENGAGED! How does ecological succession result in changes in an ecosystem? Watch your students discover the impacts that succession has on an ecosystem with this fun, effective, and highly interactive web lesson!

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Great youtube channel - 10 minute videos on a variety of educational subjects (history, science, ecology...). Very funny.

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This video makes students understand the main concepts, not by simply hearing them from their teacher but getting there on their own. It starts by showing pioneer species and how they are followed by other species until the climax community is reached. It mentions both primary and secondary successions and also has some activities. It has two activities with answer keys included on the notes section or on the slide. NGSS

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