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Donald Trump Is an Emotional Weakling. Here’s How to Manipulate Him.

US President-elect Donald Trump leaves after a meeting at the New York Times on November 22, 2016 in New York.


Economists agree: economic models underestimate climate change

Click to view image: 'f3f_1464388689-funny-economy-explained-cows-capitalism_1464388790.jpeg'

Click to view image: 'f3f_1464388689-funny-economy-explained-cows-capitalism_1464388790.jpeg'

Steemit Alters Economic Model Due to Community Demand Steemit a social news site designed in a block chain will be hard fork on Tuesday December 6 thus changing the economic model of the Steemit block of the chain. The platform is shifting to looking shorter for investors in the medium term. "With this majority of the community feels hardfork the ecosystem will change for the better and will now be more accessible to more people" says CEO Steemit Ned Scott. "The demand for a hard fork was…


China Bullies Hong Kong

Beijing’s tightening hand is undermining Hong Kong’s enviable economic model.