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Moody's economic model finds Clinton pulling away from Trump | TheHill


Best time to shop for items throughout the year

Best time to shop for items throughout the year - -


How Successful Cooperative Economic Models Can Work Wonderfully… Somewhere Else | Alternet

【Video】China Review: Building the open world economy Will the #G20 summit in #Hangzhou help to promote greater diversity of economic models and unite the world to improve living standards? Watch the experts give their perspectives.

The Cognitive Effects of Micronutrient Deficiency: Evidence from Salt Iodization in the United States - Economists at the National Bureau of Economic Research have shown that adding iodine to salt resulted in a decade's worth of IQ gains for the united states.


Wealth of Persons (Economics with a Human Face; BY John McNerney; FOREWORD BY David Walsh; Imprint: Cascade Books). Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century initiated a great debate not just about inequality but also regarding the failures found in the economic models used by theoreticians and practitioners alike. Wealth of Persons offers a totally different perspective that challenges the very terms of the debate. The Great Recession reveals a great existential rift at the…