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COA of Rio de Janeiro is one of the 27 states of Brazil. It has the third largest economy of Brazil, with the largest being that of the state of São Paulo, and the second being that of Minas Gerais. Rio de Janeiro is the smallest state in the Southeast macroregion and one of the smallest in Brazil. It is, however, the third most populous Brazilian state—with a population of 16 million of people in 2011


The International Political Economy of Transformation in Argentina Brazil, and Chile Since 1960 (Hardcover)

The International Political Economy of Transformation in Argentina Brazil, and Chile Since 1960

Machisma How a mix of female empowerment and steamy soap operas helped bring down Brazil’s fertility rate and stoke its vibrant economy.

British Airways Avios are fantastic for short, direct, economy awards especially when you can fly a partner with no fuel surcharges. There are tons of times you would want to use Avios on your RTW trip. A partial list: West coast of United States to Hawaii Miami, Dallas, or New York to Latin America or Caribbean Intra-Latin America international flights Intra-Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador (including Galapagos), and Chile (including Easter Island) Intra-South Africa…

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Demonstrators march in a protest against Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff at Paulista avenue in Sao Paulo, Brazil March 15, 2015. Over one million demonstrators marched in cities and towns across Brazil to protest a sluggish economy, rising prices and corruption - and to call for the impeachment of leftist President Rousseff. The marches across the continent-sized country come as Brazil struggles to overcome economic and political...

The Marquis of Pombal directed Portuguese affairs from 1755 to 1776. He labored to strengthen the Portuguese economy and to lessen his country's dependence on England, especially regarding the flow of Brazilian gold to London. Reforming administrators worked in Brazil to end lax or corrupt practices. Monopoly companies were formed to stimulate agriculture. Pombal abolished slavery in Portugal but not Brazil.

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The Two Latin Americas

01-03-14 The Two Latin Americas: A Continental Divide Between One Bloc That Favors State Controls and Another That Embraces Free Markets ~ There are two Latin Americas right now. The first is a bloc of countries—including Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela—that faces the Atlantic Ocean, mistrusts globalization and gives the state a large role in the economy. The second—made up of countries that face the Pacific such as Mexico, Peru, Chile and Colombia—embraces free trade and free markets.