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A Message from Ed Schultz Regarding the Cancellation of the Ed Show | The Ed Schultz Show. Will follow wegoted.com

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Ed Schultz | Why is the Ed Schultz Show hotter than a polar bear in Pensacola? Easy. Because he is so different from every other talk show host and TV host, and so much like the 3 million Ed Heads who tune him in for the unvarnished truth. He's a straight talking, no-nonsense voice of reason in unreasonable times.

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Replacing Schultz with Todd is more than symbolism. MSNBC is making an ideological statement that liberals are out, and pandering to Republicans with Beltway conventional wisdom is in. There is a large and grossly underserved liberal audience out there. MSNBC has decided that liberals don’t matter. Ed Schultz deserves better, and so do the liberals who believed in MSNBC.

Obama Got Ranted At By Ed Schultz, Was Enraged By Bad NYT Coverage: New Book

Keystone Supporter Ed Schultz Now Opposes The Pipeline, Tells President Obama To Go To Nebraska " the argument that seems to have won out for him was the risk to the Ogallala aquifer..." "This pipeline if it’s constructed just like every other pipeline, it will leak. It’s an absolute. It will leak. … So the question is this, America. Do you want to risk — does the President of the United States want to risk damaging the aquifer, and I’m talking about irreversible damage." thinkprogress.org

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Ed Schultz: Confiscate Guns and Kill the Second Amendment. Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

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Ed Schultz Exposes the Secret Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement Great world conspiracy to all countries including Australia. The Trans Pacific Agreement sell our right our constitution, our freedom of choice, our workers rights. Abbott and Co is conspiring against us to sell us to Big Global Corporations. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws87OnUASWg

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