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Eet language

*Free, but please rate and provide feedback for improvements! It would be greatly appreciated.*I have created a visual aid to assist students in implementing the components of the EET in order to improve oral and written language, defining, and vocabulary.

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This tool is something that should be Tier 1 in ALL classrooms. It is a way to organize expository information orally and in writing. It's called an Expanding Expressions Toolkit (EET). We have many oral-written language posted on our categories board. Re-pinned by Speech Language Literacy Lab, LLC

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EET Descriptive Language Packet - Winter Edition

This packet contains various activities for addressing descriptive language skills through use of the EET. The winter theme makes it an excellent resource for theme-based therapy, and a fun way to engage students. Contents: * 18 wordless winter picture cards* 18 labeled winter picture cards* descriptive language worksheets (these sheets can be printed

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My Expanding Expression Tool bulletin board. I was completely inspired by Sara Smith's program. If you have a chance to attend one of her continuing education courses, go!

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How I Teach the EET (Speechy Musings)

I’m fairly obsessed with the Expanding Expression Tool (EET). I love how it incorporates so many language skills into one functional tool that I can pair with almost any activity. In order to keep my

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