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Wildspace: The Spelljammer Fanzine | Fear not, brave traveler, for the Spheres become smaller as you learn!

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Imagine what we could accomplish. Imagine that kind of peace. Imagine how effectively we could harness our energy into saving our planet--and ourselves--if we collectively operated from spirit instead of ego. The world is awakening. Will you walk through life asleep or will you join the enlightened movement?

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Thor #133 Marvel 1966, Lee / Kirby, Ego the Living Planet VF

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Are we mistakenly working more harmfully & unnecessarily against nature when we could instead be working more harmoniously (& essentially necessarily so for our wellness' sake) WITH NATURE? Not sure how? Ever really observe the successful permaculture approaches all around, yet?

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Ego the Living Planet is, well, a living planet. It’s an organism that grew to the size of a planet, complete with organs such as the brain that gives it sentience. Ego started out trying to conquer other worlds, but eventually became a friendly living planet until the cosmic entity Galactus tried to eat him. Ego tried to get revenge on Galactus, including trying to destroy Earth, forcing the Fantastic Four to attack him.

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