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Ancient Egyptian Art Print Horus Falcon Wall Decor


Egyptian Mummy Cases. Create a stencil for each table. Students trace mummy coffin on to paper. Then color the mummy coffin with heiroglyphics - something religious to make instead ???!!!


Egypt, Thebes (UNESCO World Heritage List, 1979) - Luxor - Valley of the Queens. Tomb of Nefertari. Burial chamber. Pillar. Mural paintings. 'Iun-mutef' Horus (Dynasty 19, Ramses II, 1290-1224 BC) Digital reconstruction (QV66 - 333391)

from Lakshmi Vishnu - Star Seed - Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner - Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher - Spiritual Channeller - Lightworker

Return of UNITY to the human race in TRUTH ~ Karen Dover @ Truth Codes

Detail of the Throne chair of king Tutankhamun, bearing his previous Throne name in Shenu (cartouche): Tutankhaten. Gold cloisonné with mostly lapis lazuli blue stones, some carnelian red, and turquoise. dynasty. Cairo Egyptian museum.