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androphilia: Unpacking Anti-Muslim Brotherhood

androphilia: “ Unpacking Anti-Muslim Brotherhood Discourse | Jadaliyya By Mohamad Elmasry June 2013 Noam Chomsky’s Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda argues that effectively...

Egypt's government has labeled the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, blaming the Islamic fundamentalist group for a domestic car bombing which killed or injured dozens.

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Egypt removes Interior Minister Ibrahim in reshuffle

Egypt removes Interior Minister Ibrahim in reshuffle - Source - BBC News - © 2014 BBC #Egypt, #Ibrahim

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Egypt declares huge increase in gasoline prices

Egypt declares huge increase in gasoline prices: 78% today. Electricity prices are set to double over five years. In Egypt, one person in four lives on less than $2 a day | Deir Shelwit, Isis Temple | The remains of a small Roman Temple dedicated to Isis is opened since January 2014 for the general public. This Roman temple was built between the 1st and 2nd centuries CE in honor of the goddes Isis. Many emperors, over a period of approximately 100 years addet to the temple, and it is one of the last in Egypt to have had a government building campaign. The naos, or sanctuary, is extensively decorated with scenes of Roman emperors…

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Podcast: Egypt's government has long subsidized everyday needs like food and electricity. But the economy is in terrible shape and austerity measures are making it hard for the poor to afford even the basics.