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WOAH: Egyptian Newspaper says Obama is a secret Muslim Brotherhood member

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مقتل سلامون شيكوريل- 4 مارس 1927 The Murder of Cicurel, March 4, 1927


Engagement of Princess Fawzia and Ismail Shirin ::::ﷻ☝️ﷺ♔ﷲ ﷳ❥♡ ﷴ♤✤ﷵ❦♡ ۝ ✿⊱╮☼﷼ ☾ﷳ ؏ ﷺ♔❥♡ ♤ ✿⊱╮☼ ☾PINTEREST.COM christiancross ☀ قطـﮧ‌‍ ⁂ ⦿ ⥾ ❤ﷳ❥◐ •♥•*⦿[†] ::::


Image: The immense royal quartzite sarcophagus of Sobekhotep I. The tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh King Sobekhotep I, believed to be first king of the 13th Dynasty (1781BCE-1650BCE), has been discovered by a team from the University of Pennsylvania at Abydos in Middle Egypt, 500km south of Cairo.


Finally, Egypt has taken a clear stance on Syria. This is an event of great importance to drastically change the situation. Speaking on the Portuguese TV network RTP on November 22, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi publicly affirmed his support for the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.