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They say French Press is coffee in its purest form. In any case, it's a great way to im-press your guests! Because there's no filter involved, the grounds are in direct contact with the brewing water, so every cup contains more true coffee flavor and essential oils. Try it with your favorite ground Eight O'Clock blend! Find them all by clicking the pin!


Who says Holiday coffee drinks have to be all warm and toasty? This season, surprise your guests with something cold, sweet and delicious instead! Click the pin to find other fun recipes from Eight O'Clock for the holidays!


Eight O'Clock Coffee Hazelnut Coffee Beans, 120 K-Cups >> For more information, visit now : K Cups


The Eight O'Clock Coffee - Chili Chocolate - Chili and chocolate�and coffee? Yes, you read that right. Get the best of three worlds and hold the milk unless you really can�t do without. -


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My family loves Eight O'Clock Coffee's and I keep a variety but my fave is the good ols fashioned Original!

Your high school chemistry teacher would love this! It's probably the most dramatic way ever to brew coffee - and it produces a clean, crisp, smooth flavor. Practice a few times on your own to get the technique down, and then - it's show time! Click on the pin to get all the Eight O'Clock blends you can use to try out vacuum brewed coffee!