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Eileen Dunne

Cecil Beaton photograph. Eileen Dunne, aged three, sits in bed with her doll at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children, after being injured during an air raid on London in September 1940.


The Allies at Anzio: Rare Photos From WWII's Italian Campaign

Awe....God Love Her! Three-year-old Eileen Dunne poses on her hospital bed for famed English photographer Cecil Beaton. Eileen was a victim of the German bombing of London 1940.


Cecil Beaton photographs little 3 year old Eileen Dunne, who had been hospitalised after being caught up in the Blitz. This picture graced the cover of LIFE magazine, and was an effective propaganda tool in getting the US to join the war effort.


My cousin Eileen Dunne and husband Stefano Crescenzi own one of Dublin's best wine bars, Dunne and Crescenzi