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Elbow Tattoos

# I am quite partial to the 'band' look under the elbow. I like that this is more than that. Both an image and band.

28 Amazing Elbow Tattoos (7)

Something to consider when if I ever go below the elbow. Hmmm. Original TatJacket Full Tattoo Cover Up Sleeve. Interesting!! Love it.

  • Krystal FitzGerald

    or people could stop judging employees based on their tattoos...

  • Tia McClaflin

    dude,!!!!! I have sleeves and a chest piece and dread looking for jobs in the summer months as it usually involves melting in a long sleeve button up.... totally getting 5 of em! besides it's not just for work it also helps keep your art from fading in the sun, I know I've spend a lot of money, time, and pain to have my pieces so keeping them pretty is super important! GREAT IDEA!

  • Heather Pink

    I've got bilaterlal forearm tats. I'm a professional. I just wore long sleeves to interview. Got the job. First day wore short sleeves. No comments or complaints.

  • Destinee Ashley

    Or not. Who is to say that jobs should dictate personal expression, especially when there are things like this to easily cover it up? Come on, 9-5 shouldn't decide what you do. I say full sleeve!

  • Suzette

    Or.... Plan in advance and put the tat somewhere easier to cover?

Elbow | 33 Perfect Places For A Tattoo. Deer antlers would also be cool

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30 Amazing Traditional Tattoo Designs

G R A T E F U L . Upper Arm Elbow Tattoo. Done by Brad Stevens, Adorned New York.

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Cool elbow tattoo

seashell- on the back of the elbow, behind the ear??

elbow tattoos | skulls on elbow tattoo

28 Amazing Elbow Tattoos (12)

Return to the mothershipFiller made by Jonas Pedersen in Crooked moon Helsingborg, Sweden.


'S'. Placed at inside wrist, point stopping about 3" before elbow crease. white Ink Letterhead Fonts / LHF Americana Ornaments / Golden Era Studios

Inner Elbow | 33 Perfect Places For A Tattoo. I LOVE THE PLACEMENT

Kenji's Key. Different location, though

Beautiful Black Rose Tattoo on Inner Elbow

Swallows&Daggers | News | Online blog that focuses on traditional and neo-traditional tattooing Christ this is amazing.

28 Amazing Elbow Tattoos (9)

angelina-jolie-tattoos-strength of will

I had a similar idea for my left elbow ditch, but mine would say, time's still ticking

I like that tattoo location down by the elbow. Tattoo Ideas That Are Small, Simple, and Chic | StyleCaster

I think an inner elbow tattoo would be awesome. but also hurt like shit.