Chuck roasts, with their flat shape are ideal for pot-roasting in an electric skillet or frying pan. At a low setting, the frying pan will act similarly to a slow cooker, but you need to monitor it more closely. Add potatoes or other vegetables toward the end of the cooking cycle to create a one-pot meal. Remove the meat, potatoes and any other...

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Beef brisket is a staple for any barbecue because it is a versatile and inexpensive cut of beef. A roaster will cook your brisket in a similar time frame and manner as using a roaster pan in your regular oven, and many roasters have a nonstick liner that can be removed and cleaned, which makes cleanup a breeze. Many home cooks also prefer electric...

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It is easy to learn how to cook in an Electric Roaster. This is a great appliance to add to your kitchen especially during the busy holidays and family dinners.

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