Electric type weakness

Do You Suffer From Parasites of One Type or Another? Are Parasites Really Positively Charged? Is Unhealthy Tissue Positively Charged? Does the Zapper (weak electric current Really Destroy Parasites by Reversing Polarity? Do Negative Ions Really Heal Damaged Tissue? One Can Get the Answers to These Questions and More at http://worldwithoutparasites.com/how%20and%20why.html

Lightning Pokemon are weak against ground. <--- I'm not even a Pokemon fan, but this is hilarious

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The Most Majestic Locations People Have Caught Pokémon Electric Pokemon Go Spawn Locations

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Why would the three-pronged plug be embedded in a rock? What purpose would such an object serve? Another mystery related to the stone of heaven is that this artifact is always found in soil layers dating to at least 12000 BC. The stone was certainly produced by an unknown, highly advanced civilization lost in time.

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Neural maps in the electrosensory system of weakly electric fish I typed neural coding of movement into Google and it came up with this article. It's very technical, but the basic idea is that some animals map movement based on the neurosensory information they receive from their environment. I thought it was quite interesting.

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