The MUV Electric Wheelbarrow has a big 400Kg capacity ... you can load it directly using a mini-digger. Much quicker and easier than a traditional builders wheelbarrow.

The PAW Electric Wheelbarrow will make hauling anything a breeze

Using an Electric Wheelbarrow to bring in the logs for winter. Not only does it have powered drive, backwards and forwards but, the tipping is powered also - just press a button and it will tip over 400Kg over logs just where you want them!

Wheelbarrowing concrete - the easy way! So easy to fil up the Electric Wheelbarrow direct from the concrete lorry and then deliver it to exactly where you want it. Holds about the same amount of concrete as 3 ordinary wheelbarrows.

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Wondering how to shift unwanted concrete from a small indoor construction project? Hire an electric wheelbarrow and save your self time, effort and money.

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