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Electrical Impedance

In this prototype, the electrodes are attached around a grapefruit which represents a child's head. Liquid is injected into the grapefruit to mimic brain haemorrhage.Electrical impedance tomography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Scenar Energy Medicine - Self Controlled Energy Neuron Adaptive Regulation Scenar is a small hand held device with an electrical contact at one end; it is powered by a 9V battery. It “listens” to the body by recording the skin’s galvanic response, and its electrical impedance. Scenar then returns a newly modified signal back to the body, and listens to the reply – which becomes a bio-feedback treatment loop.

new ASTM International standard covers the use of electrical impedance scanners to monitor the moisture level of a roofing system over various stages of its lifespan. The new standard is D7954/D7954M, Practice for Moisture Surveying of Roofing and Waterproofing Systems Using Non-Destructive Electrical Impedance Scanners.

Automation in hematology - State of the art in 2014 - Hematology automation has progressed steadily since Wallace Coulter first applied electrical impedance technology to counting red cells and white cells.


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‪#‎BufferAmplifier‬ circuit is one that provides electrical impedance transformation from one circuit to another.It is is used to transfer a voltage from a first circuit.