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This project is an Open Source 2-axis solar tracker, designed to provide the optimal amount of power output for a portable setup. This has wide-ranging uses from camping to developing countries. My goal is to develop a combination of Open Source software and hardware to enable Makers globally to make and improve the design. Problem: In too many places, the only way to generate electricity is through fossil fuels. This means that the users are subject to the limitations and the…


Suspension plays a vital role in a car and if a proper and regular suspension check is being done, you can get rid of many future alignment problems. Call us at 530-879-0700 Come see us at 2405 Esplanade, Chico, CA 

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Rare Japanese Volkswagen Bus Toaster Imprints VW Logo on Toast

The PERFECT Mike gift! For those who know me and my boyfriend's father, you'll completely agree! :-)

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Troubleshooting Simple Electrical Problems

Having an electrical issue? Maybe you don't need an electrician. Here is what you need to know about troubleshooting simple electrical problems.