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How Tesla coils generate high-voltage electrical fields.. Check out that cool T-Shirt here:


Wiring of the Distribution Board with RCD , Single Phase, (from Energy Meter to the main Distribution Board) Fuse Board Connection. | Electrical Technology


Portable Power Supply

I have bunch of old power adapters (those with transformers) and some laptop power supplys that are around 16-20v but i needed 12v for charging lead acid batteries. Since 12v lead acids charge at around 14.4v i had to lower voltage from 16v (we in case with laptop charger from 19v) down to 14.4v to charge lead acid battery. Easiest way to drop down voltage is to use cheap ebay step down converters. They are really cheap 1-3€ and work really good and max current is 3A which is enough for...

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Artes em bueiros de rua por 6EMEIA

O Projeto 6emeia foi desenvolvido por Leonardo Delafuente e Anderson Augusto “SÃO” e faz arte nos bueiros, postes e outras parafernalhas urbanas de São Paulo