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Electrical Wiring Colours

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What Do Electrical Wire Color Codes Mean?


IF YOU LOOKED IN YOUR WALLS. You'd see a "network" of electrical wires. It could get confusing. The colors help MAP a plan for the electrician and when he installs the wires he then knows what wires should be connected. It helps so they dont have to rewire and helps prevent fires.

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Deciphering the Colors of Electrical Wiring

Find out what the electrical wire color coding is when working on electrical projects. Learn which wires are used as hot, neutral, and ground wires.


Southwire 55278323 AC Cable by Southwire. $60.73. AC 90 steel armored cable is black striped color coded. Flexible and efficient, no couplings or elbows needed. Copper conductors are THHN 90 C. rated. 16AWG internal bonding wire and the outer armor form the grounding path. Anti short bushings included. Permitted for branch circuits and feeders on both exposed and concealed work. Dry locations only. UL listed.. Save 12%!