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Simple theory may explain dark matter: Most of the matter in the universe may be made out of particles that possess an unusual, donut-shaped electromagnetic field called an anapole. #physics #cosmology


Energy is everywhere. It permeates everything. Energy is what binds the universe. Our bodies are surging with this energy. Electrical impulses fire off in our brains and race through our nervous systems at the speed of light. The activity of our brain and nervous system creates a field of energy that surrounds our body much like the electromagnetic field that surrounds the Earth. This is known as our bioelectric field or aura. This energy field surrounds all living things including plants.


Auras and The Kirlian Effect | The Electromagnetic Field Around Every Person Becomes Depleted with Unhealthiness | Stillness in the Storm


ARTICLE: Increased exposure to microwave radiation [from wireless technologies] and electromagnetic fields unnaturally distort our energy field and the communication between the heart and brain. [Documented in 1976 after subjecting military personnel, exposure to microwave non-ionized radiation causes cardiovascular disturbances.]

from Snooze 2 Awaken

Frequency Fields at the Cellular Level

Uma interrupção ou distorção no intervalo, força e coerência do sistema de energia eletromagnética do corpo leva à quebra nos mecanismos de auto-cura do corpo. Nossos pensamentos e emoções são também padrões de frequência e têm uma relação direta com a integridade do nosso campo de energia. Imagine dormir diariamente sobre essa terapia, em seu lar... Curioso? Entre em contato - te explico a Terapia do Sono Saudável, onde essa é uma das tecnologias!!