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You don't even have to be a shipper to see the truth behind this particular aspect of their bond!!

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Television review: 'Elementary' puts Sherlock, Watson in new light

Elementary - my favorite show - but this also fits the "uh-huh" men are known to give when someone is talking during the key play to the Saturday afternoon football game.

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Holmes and Watson at work (art by theopteryx). #elementary Because while reading the books when I was younger I always pictured myself as Sherlock's partner; finally someone adapts the books to make Watson female and everybody is up in arms. I quite love it.

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CBS' Elementary and BBC's Sherlock #sherlock #johnwatson #joan watson Elementary/Sherlock Juxtaposition by ~maryfgr23 on deviantART

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#Elementary Sherlock Holmes talking to (former Dr.) Joan Watson. I like this show a little more. #StillTooGorey

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With lines like this I will accept NO Elementary criticism. Yes it's very different and Americanised, but if you can accept 12 different actors playing the same Doctor, you can accept another Sherlock. :)

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