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Elephant Gun (Official Music Video) - Beirut such a party..would so love to be one of those dancers....ahhh


This early 20th Century elephant gun features vine and scroll engraving with heavy relief gold inlaid elephant on both sides and the bottom of the frame. It came in an original case, complete with a bottle of Rangoon Oil.


A stunning J. Purdey & Sons double rifle in .600 Nitro Express. Engraved by Philippe Grifnee with a gold Rhino, Elephants and a stand of Cape Buffalos. The gold background inlay gives the gun a unique appearance and is tastefully set off by the deep relief engraving of the African game scenes.


Beirut - Elephant Gun (Official Video) "If I was young, I'd flee this town I'd bury my dreams underground As did I, we drink to die We drink tonight Far from home, elephant gun Let's take them down one by one We'll lay it down It's not been found, it's not around"


that is a mighty mustache <3 creative & original gorgeous song, Elephant Gun by Beirut.