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Elf Food Groups

from Youth Group Collective

Buddy the Elf Challenge

Buddy the Elf has a strange diet based on the main four food groups. Show this clip on the right to prep your students for an awesome game:  Supplies:  1. Cooked Pasta 2. Syrup 3. Sprinkles 4. Marshmallows 5. Chocolate Syrup 6. M&Ms 7. Poptarts (Chocolate fudge is the flavor Buddy uses in Elf) Pro Tips:  1. Recruit volunteers ahead of time. Like, before your event begins so you know who will be down to play along.  2. Don't make kids laugh by complaining…

from eBay

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins Elf Cookies

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins Elf Cookies - An Elf's four basic food groups: syrup, candy corn, candy cane, candy! This Christmas, make a batch of these delicious elf cookies for Santa and his busy little elves. Leave a plate of them by tree for on Christmas Eve and Santa can take them back to the North Pole for the other elves.


The four main food groups. From the movie Elf. And yes, this is going onto a truly serious board


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