Ellen Greene with some schmuck trying his best (I heard he actually did a great job too)

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Ellen Greene is a very talented American artist from Chicago. Her recent work has focused on vintage women’s gloves painted with reworked traditional western tattoo motifs and the visual tension between these two symbols. She said: “The gloves are symbols of a historical set of “ladylike” behavior that included modesty, purity and submissive attitudes.The tattoos in contrast speak a language of masculine behaviors.Traditional western tattoo narrative developed through sailor, and later, ...

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"Pushing Daisies" TV Show on ABC (2007 - 2009) --- Pie-maker Ned's (Lee Pace) ability to bring the dead back to life with his touch has stipulations, such as never being able to touch that person again lest they die all over again. Which means that he can never touch his formerly-dead girlfriend Chuck (Anna Friel)! Meanwhile, his private eye pal (Chi McBride) uses Ned's ability to interview the dead post-mortem to solve their cases. Co-starring Ellen Greene, Swoosie Kurtz, and Kristin…

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Photo 1 of 11 | Ellen Greene as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors | Little Shop of Horrors: Show Photos | Broadway.com

Flash sheet by Ellen Greene. Invisible mother image as source inspiration. A new twist on the old "mother" tattoo.

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