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An Arctic wolf protects her pup outside their den on Canada's Ellesmere Island. Wolves born into High Arctic packs have a precarious life ahead of them if they are to grow big enough to survive their first winter. The scarcity of prey on the tundra means wolf packs in the High Arctic are smaller here than they are further south.


Snoozing arctic hare (Lepus arcticus) in summer pelage, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, High Arctic Canada: Wayne Lynch, Canada: Arctic & Antarctic photographs, pictures & images from Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography.


Joseph Hutchins Colton, 1800-1893. Northern regions. Scale [ca. 1: 22 000 000]. New York, ca. 1855. Plate XII from a Colton atlas. This polar map shows the advances made during the search for Franklin. Note that the area to the north and east of Ellesmere Island is still blank.