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Scrabble Recording Sheet With Tiles- Daily 5 Word Work; I'll use this as a warm-up. Just use Spanish characters & have students use Spanish words! I could also put actual tiles on the elmo projector or on each table. It would move a lot faster than a full game, and would encourage 100% participation.

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Using the interactive smartboard, an ELMO projector, or an overhead projector, students can edit the letters written to the group by Shadow, the classroom friend. These lessons teach common core curriculum for language arts, and much more. Your students will learn letter writing, editing, and one of the hardest of the six writing traits - voice. Children love to look for Shadow, and to see what she has to say each day. They enjoy reading and correcting the messages she sends to them. Shadow…

One Elmo Projector would cost around $700. Having a Elmo projector in the classroom would be a very helpful and useful device. This device many be better in elementary school age setting, but useful in any classroom. Some of the features of the Elmo is the teacher has the ability to show a example of a worksheet to explain directions, example handwriting, and share students work. With the Elmo, anything that is being projected will show on the board, for all the students to see.

Overhead Projector Center

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Use a plastic table cloth as cheap bulletin board paper! Draw your own image using the Elmo projector and color with Sharpies. Every teacher loves Sharpies!

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