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10 Success lessons from Elon Musk – “The Real Life Iron Man” for entrepreneurs - KnowStartup

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8 scientists named to TIME's 100 influential people list

SpaceX, PayPal, and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk. He's kinda the greatest entrepreneur alive

Elon Musk - because the name of his automotive firm goes so much deeper. Innovative. Engineering. Helping Humanity. #MadScientist indeed!

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See how Elon Musk is building the 'Iron Man' lab with tech you can buy

Elon Musk: The Real Life Tony Stark
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Elon Musk, el hombre que inspiró Iron Man #infografía

Real Iron Man Is Creepy Similar To Tony Stark [Infographic] - Bit Rebels
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Real Iron Man Is Creepy Similar To Tony Stark [Infographic]


Elon Musk says Tesla's solar roof will be cheaper than ordinary roofs

Right now some of Tesla's tiles cost around 20 times greater than asphalt shingles.

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After Curiosity, Elon Musk Preps for Humans on Mars

This week, SpaceX project manager and former NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman said manned flights conducted by the company could come more quickly than many industry watchers anticipated. Reisman, speaking at a NASA press event at Florida's Kennedy Space Ce

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Elon Musk shows off Iron Man-style rocket design with gestures and 3D printing (video)

In another confirmation that Elon Musk lives life differently from the rest of us, he's just posted a new SpaceX video that's straight out of a sci-fi movie....

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Meet real life Iron Man - Elon Musk