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Organizing Your Embroidery Floss

It's Allison , from little lovelies, here to share my favorite embroidery storage idea with you. You can see the other needlework posts that I have done for 30 days by clicking here. For my post this month, I wanted to share the way that I organize my embroidery thread. I

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All my colors have a home now! This is my solution for thread and project organization. I had a couple hanging files that I cut and hole punched, labeled the holes (with pencil so I can change it...

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How-To: Organize and Store Pearl Cotton

I don't quite get what's going on in the middle steps of this tutorial, but the storage concept is awesome for Pearl cotton or embroidery floss. How-To: Organize and Store Pearl Cotton

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Hit the hardware store for useful storage containers. The small drawers meant for nails make great receptacles for embroidery thread. Create labels for the small drawers.

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