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Emergency Drills And Exercises

Top 5 Exercises To Improve Vertical Jump

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Blue background with America's PrepareAthon! Logo. America's PrepareAthon! is a nationwide, community-based campaign for action to increase emergency preparedness and resilience through hazard-specific drills, group discussions and exercises conducted at the national level every fall and spring.

How to bug-in and survive

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Teaching the Volleyball Hitting Approach with Hand Claps and Cha-Chas | The Art of Coaching Volleyball

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Great ShakeOut earthquake drills help people in homes, schools, and organizations improve preparedness and practice how to be safe during earthquakes.

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•Have you conducted a “hazard vulnerability assessment,” including identifying appropriate emergency responders (e.g., police, fire, etc.) in your area and, if necessary, obtaining agreements with them? •Have you developed a written emergency response plan? •Has that plan been communicated to employees, families, clients, media representatives, etc.? •Have you trained your people on what to do in an emergency? •Do you conduct regular drills and exercises?

Business, Organizations & Schools Emergency & Safety Preparedness: *Videos *Worksheets *Checklists *Action Reports *Training Drills/Exercises & Logs (Improve your safety & emergency responsiveness, train your students, employees & members, and record these activities to protect yourself in the event of loss)