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If a natural or man-made disaster happened tomorrow and you had to evacuate your home, would you know the appropriate items to bring with you? Make sure you're prepared with this Emergency Packing Checklist.

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Bug out bag gear: Everything you need to know

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72 hour kits - the BEST article I've ever read on how to put a real serious emergency kit together!! Forget the pre-made ones or most of the lists you see online, THIS is the only list you need. (Keep in mind If an emergency is serious enough to warrant an evacuation, it's most likely going to last a lot longer then 72 hours).

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Be Prepared for Disasters: what's in a disaster kit?

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Best Bug Out Vehicle Checklist

Bug Out Vehicle Checklist. Items to include if you are planning on bugging out in a vehicle.

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Emergency/Evacuation Preparedness Kit Free Printable Checklist

Emergency/Evacuation Preparedness Kit Free Printable Checklist! - The Creek Line House

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How to Make a Bug Out Bag

Bug-Out Bag/72 Hour Survival Kit - Better than any other's I've seen. For me personally, I will add a Survival Guide book since I am not used to living in the wild. Would like to think that I will not be traveling alone, but just in case, a book of instruction could be my best friend.

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How to Make a Bug-Out Book

How to Make a Bug-Out Book (via Survival at Home)

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Great list of items that would fit in a back pack for each family memeber to use in an emergency... emergency to go kit!

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How to survive in your home during an emergency

How To Survive In Your Home During An Emergency

How to survive in your home during an emergency..... Ha! Just been having this discussion with husband and boys in regard to community preparedness for emergencies as we are volunteers in our local area. Will check this out!

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