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Emergency Preparedness Guidance

The CDC has a complete list of supplies and precautions you should take to prepare for a natural disaster. Check out what you should do for each natural disaster that could occur.

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Back to School Talk

What I Need to Know to Be #Safe #safety

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too cool experiments mc givier water and bleach make a light bulb by

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DIY Comfort Kit for Kids

I need to include this as part of my emergency preparedness! During any time of crisis, a comfort kit for my kids could be invaluable! (Kids DIY, projects, activities)

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International Pet Travel: Taking Your Pet Animal to A Foreign Country- list of countries regulations and some guidance/links

Workers are a common denominator at any disaster or novel emergency event. Protecting the health and safety of these workers by preventing diseases, injuries, and fatalities is a NIOSH Emergency Preparedness and Response Program priority.

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Prepping for Kids & Family: Do You Have a Family Password?

Do you have a family password to keep your kids safe during an emergency situation? Find out how at Mom with a PREP!

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9 Survival Uses for an Empty Pill Bottle

9 Survival Uses for an Empty Pill Bottle | Survival Kit On A Budget by Survival Life at

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Forum for Survival, Prepping, Preppers. Discuss Homesteading, Farming, Hunting, Food Storage, Firearms and more

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