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One year of food storage. She breaks it down to just basics, then gives you a list of what you can make with it....

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50 Survival Items You Forgot To Buy

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Perhaps you’ve looked through lists of non-food items to stockpile for times of need. You may have even stored a ton of things like toilet paper, salt, vinegar, warm clothing and such. Now is a goo...

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Best Bug Out Bag List

A bug out bag is your best friend in a emergency situation. Many of you are acquainted with the idea of a bug out bag or a get home bag and would agree that having one around is an important step to take for your general preparedness. As the first thing you grab in an

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How to Put Together an Emergency Preparedness Kit

72 Hour survival kit items that should be in your house, this list comes directly from FEMA. Keep it in a cabinet in the garage. How to Put Together an Emergency Preparedness Kit. I've been looking for a list like this!....good list in case of Martial Law

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How to Make a 72 Hour Kit

How to Make a 72 Hour Kit - Items can be switched out for your own prefrences...but this should get you started. Also keep one in the car. Be safe & prepared!

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20 Preparedness Items You Should Buy Every Month

There are many survival items that you should buy repeatedly--the kind of things that get used a lot or make great barter items.

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10 Items to Include in a Lights Out Kit

10 Items to Include in a Lights Out Kit » When the power goes out and you’re in the dark, what is the first thing you reach for? A good lights out kit has all the essentials you’ll need! » #Emergency, #LightsOutKit, #Preparedness:

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