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Emilie Sagee

Belle from ABC's ''Once Upon a Time''. My Favorite Disney Princess and Emilie's portrayal of her just makes me love Belle more! She's come so far since roswell

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Belle reading and drinking iced tea. (She and Regina are the only two in the promo shot laughing, possibly at each other.) | Magic has returned.

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The very strange case of Emilie Sagee - Emilie Sagee never saw her doppelganger. Everyone else did, though. American writer Robert Dale Owen who was told the story by Julie von Güldenstubbe, the second daughter of the Baron von Güldenstubbe. In 1845, when von Güldenstubbe was 13, she attended Pensionat von Neuwelcke, an exclusive girl’s school near Wolmar in what is now Latvia.

Belle is wearing purple. Re: Belle is wearing purple! Purple is one of the coolest colors ever! And Belle is one of the coolest characters ever! Now to get Rumple to wear a matching purple outfit... Update: did we ever get to see Belle wearing purple!? What'd I miss!?

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ONCE UPON A TIME Season 3 Cast Photos: ONCE UPON A TIME – ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” stars Emilie de Ravin as Belle. (ABC/Bob D’Amico)

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Emilie Sagee, one of the most documented cases of a doppelgänger. Once witnessed by 42 people at the same time.

Emilie Flöge – Art and Fashion with Gustav Klimt

Austria. Emilie Flöge, Gustav Klimt’s model, muse, and companion for years, in Klimt dress

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