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Eminem all songs

3 different sides of one man. We are all a diamond, somewhere in our lives we have experienced a ton of pressure that changed us in some ways. Like a diamond we all have many facets. We aren't just funny or just smart, we have a multitude of traits that comprise our being. Embrace and own all of them.

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Not a wayne hater, I love many of his songs they are quite a stress busters, but c'mon we all can say that eminem is on just another level where nobody can reach... PS MGK is the one of very few rappers who is as close as anyone can get to eminem's level imo...

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Line from Hailie's Song and this song makes me cry all the time. Check it out!

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Eminem marshall mathers slim shady b-rrabit stan like like like just for Eminem soldiers!!

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▶ Eminem - Not Afraid - YouTube. (This was the last ringtone Alisha had on her phone for me:0( Reminds me to stay strong & to stick to my beliefs right or wrong) <3 Alitay

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Feed it beans it's gassed up, not a thing is stopping me I'm gonna be what I set out to be without a doubt undoubtedly and all those who look down on me I'm tearing down your balcony which ever comes first, for better or worse

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