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Top 100 eminem quotes photos Sorry for a sucky ass edit, ik it looks like shit. So my mom is babysitting some little girls today and one of the little girls see Eminem on my phone (my lock screen and home is eminem) and she said is that yo boi friend? And of course i said Yesh. The end, lmao. #truestory #eminempro #eminem #eminemquotes #eminemforever #eminemforlife #mathers...

Kanye West Leaves Kim Hoax Playlist "Kanye West leaves Kim Kardashian" was today's most popular lie. The couple is still together yet multiple sites reported that the rapper left Kardashian. While Kanye's crazy Kim has patience and we couldn't imagine them ever breaking up. The following 10 Kanye West songs represent our reaction to the false rumor. Yes this is an excuse to list 10 of our favorite Kanye tracks! Kanye West Leaves Kim 10. Kanye West - Heartless How could Kanye be so…

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Mark Suster: How to Motivate Yourself and Stay Focused

Eminem..really did start from the bottom. Never once tried to hid it. Nothing was ever handed to him, he worked hard to be where he is today. #madrespect